Friday, October 18, 2013

POEM: Trumpet Ivy

A moment alone
Before another siege
And a blanket of fog
Muffles the leafblower.

Day light scores
Everything whistle clean
As a chewed dog
Toy.  My thoughts are

Draping cobwebs,
While trumpet ivy is
Ablaze in all its tropisms,

A match head
That dares the day to strike.


Monday, October 14, 2013

POEM: Gypsy Songs (Brahms)

Strike the faithless face
Lament until fleeing wave
Stream to the Rima banks.
When the loveliest
Laugh, teases and kisses me
Enfolded kiss, regret                                                                             
My poor bitter true remains.
Ever bronzed, clanking spurs
Caress his sweet whirl
Shout spring about.
Throw shiny silver guilders
On the cymbal
To hear it ping,                                                                                         

A row bloom so red.
No law against the forbidden
Beautiful wide grinned world
Thought perished
Long ago.
It would be a sin to abide
In empty cups of joy.

Recall with solemn oath

POEM: Ideal (Tosti)

Follow the friendly touch
I sense the light of air, of
Perfumed solitary radiance.
I dream of earth’s anxiety
Of her torment dreamt and forgotten.
Come instant smile,
Cloud feet rippling through tall grasses,
 Shine on me

What has yet to be.

POEM: Lovely Moon Who Sheds Silver Light (Vincenzo Bellini)

Moon silvering street like a coin.
The flowers breathe its own language
To the elements: sole witness
To ardent longing.
Recount the distance,
Assuage a cherished spot in the corner
Of the room.
Count hours of flattering comfort,

O light, my love. 

POEM: O How Anxious (Mozart)

To see only more,
How anxious,
How ardent glad reunion!
Erased by strident separation.
While I waver
While I quake and favor these
Sea swells that rise
To  halt the burst
Of fresh ocean foam.
Or sea green eyes.
In a whisper,
all fire is her sigh.
Cheeks aglow,
You deceive me so,
O tangy, trembling dream.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

POEM: Tu, La Aventura (You, The Adventure)

You are the journey I have longed to take.
The white water in me that aches
For wilder paths.

You are the canyon I would rappel if I could,
The dwelling place of all dreaming -
Something I never believed possible.

You are the adventure story
I want so eagerly to read at night,
When my leaden eyes close against my will.

You are a tale told in volcanic rock
Beneath our boots as flecks of shale.

You are the wild rabbit’s rush to the warrens of Fall,
Leading me, leading me, into the yawning dusk
Whose gilded fingers I desperately want twined into mine.

We are deep caves, the two of us. Let’s be spelunked,
Kneeling in the dark, with our dayglow clothing
And our moon breath to guide us.

Let’s wander then, to become trumpet vines
Showing off to each other our decadent flowers
On mornings, before each new gift of light.  

Let’s be stakeless tomatoes to northerly winds.
Kingly gourds with a sprawling demeanor.
Kin to the unlatched door

Lost forever in being found anew.