Monday, January 06, 2014

POEM: This Wild Daylight

 is unlike any other.

It is lizard-like
Squirms over frozen field.
It is the texture of talcum powder.
Things are tracked.
Footprints identified.
Directions discerned.
It enters lungs on every inhale.

It is a new year and day burns
It is the kindling past
that smells like charcoal.
warming us.

POEM: Tossing My Iphone Into The River

Imagine rolling down the car window
And tossing your Iphone into night air
Over a bridge that spans the Connecticut River.

Let’s call it summer.
Let’s say the stars alone are your witness.
Let’s say you’ve been drinking, but you have
Thought about this before and it is not fair to
Blame the alcohol.
Let’s say the moving trees and the warm
Cricket air has something to do with it.

Let’s say the darkness and the moving
Automobile owns you right now.

Imagine the object, shaped like a chocolate bar, swaying as it
Waddles to the riverbottom, tumbling along with the strong
Currents shad and stripers must fight every spring to spawn.

Now imagine this crippled alewife, without fins:
it cannot swim, its demon eye blinks red, blinks red,
blinks red, until the inky depth cuts the link.

Let’s say it creates a hypothermic silence.

Removed from any phone plan, a fading ghost,
A radio whisper to the satellites,
It frantically tries to connect, but only voicemail remains,
Vacant & soggy, begging for one more message.

Dreaming in a place where there is
no T9 shortcut for the word “help”.