Friday, April 22, 2011

POEM: Poem For St. Francis

St. Francis that clown had it backwards
And should have been taming the lepers
And kissing the wolves –
We lepers are such an unruly bunch!
But you can’t argue with a crazy saint
Especially one who is not on his meds.

His love was a fine mist that clings to
Everything around him,
But people on the subways always
Clear a space whenever the voices
In his head tell him to give up the Lexus
And take mass transit instead.

You can’t talk sense into a love-drunk fool
Who would send disciples into the world
By making them spin in circles until
They get dizzy and fall to the ground only
To head off in whichever direction they face?

What is the crazy I carry on me
& will I show it even when I am not asked?
Where do you hide yours and will you use it?

If not given to fits of love
As rebellion to the sanity of cruelty
& indifference then who will be?