Monday, August 27, 2007

POEM - Satellite Spotting

Gaze up at pinpricks of squinting light,
Night emerges, padded as fog.
"North-South is ours, East-West is theirs”,
I recount from my cold war days.
But now there is no "we" or "they" -
So how can I tell if light that cuts
through constellations is friend or foe?
It is the stars that are God's eyes,
Ones that giggle at the languor
Of satellites adrift like the
Lazy cricket notes in summer skies,
Amused by such folly, looking down,
Offering up their own prayers:
"North-South is ours, East-West is theirs.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

POEM - La Dolce Vita

I love how mushrooms figure out how to grow
in the dark, like buttons without
the aid of infrared devices of any kind.

I love how bats strut their stuff to the
sound of their own voices,bad-ass, streetwise,
with little bat cigarettes dangling from little bat mouths.

I believe that I could navigate this life with my sense of taste alone.
I learned to trust from the sweetness of things,
I learned trouble at the first sign of bitter.

The summer was the stain of Italian ice in the heat
when we walked together with caramelized hearts,
and kissed in shades of twizzler red.

You held my hand like an ice cream stick,
and savored all the melting I did for you,
against the soft red give that was your tongue.

You bit down on the stick and found
the flavor of my splintered woody remains
which reminded you of the all those trees we climbed

when you and I could taste everything.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

POEM - Me The Floor, You The Ceiling

Me the floor
You the ceiling -
Not the light
Not the brume
That hangs off the white
Like sheets we washed
Today in the basement,
Where I live,
Where I swim
Effluvial tides
Of the waiting
That we do
With each other,
It’s not the warmth
That we bring
But the growth -
The fullness, I think.
A crazy sarcoma,
Turns into a swell -
Are moments -
Pearls offered up
In the smile
I crack at you –
The horizon
On the curve,
Of an earth
We’ve dreamed up.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

POEM - Priority

In the days to follow, when we recount
The dithering, when we recount the drama
That seemed important. When we recall the rage
And righteousness, I will come to cherish the
Simple meals we took together.

I know that I am not to be exclusive.
I know that I need to include everyone
In the envelope of love that balls me up
Like laundry. Still, in the grace of such facile
Presence, in the glow of the ease of you,
Waking is just a gift that the day offers.

This is what I will cherish, what I consider
Important. This is what I will let sustain me,
What penetrates the opaqueness of the day,
This nourishment, this answered prayer.

Saturday, August 04, 2007

15 Ways To Annoy Your Friends Who Love Harry Potter

-1- Call Professor Dumbledor "Professor Dum Dum"

-2- Suggest that in a duel. Samantha Stevens from "Bewitched" would kick Harry's ass.

-3- Confuse the Lord of the Rings Trilogy details with those of the Harry Potter series of books repeatedly by saying things like: "Remember when Gandalf and Voldemort were fighting and the Orcs took over the Hogwartz School of Wizzardry in the Town of Rivendale?"

-4- Wonder out loud to your friends if Harry Potter was not in fact the secret love child of Colonel Sherman Potter and Hot Lips Houlihan from the TV series M.A.S.H.

-5- Suggest to your friends that Harry should consider a line of Prada eyewear instead of those horrid horrid round glasses.

-6- Tell your friends that if Weezie Jefferson married Ron Weasly her name would have been "Weezie Weasly".

-7- Inform your friends that "muggles" are what Fraggles drink beer from.

-8- Whenever speaking about Harry, refer to him as "Mr. Pot-Tare" the way Freddie "Boom Boom" Washington did in the TV Series "Welcome Back Kotter"

-9- Suggest that Andi McDowell would have made a better Voldemort than Ray Fiennes.
-10- Refer to the author, J K Rowling as "J J Walker" and tell people you think she is "Dyno-Mite!"

-11- Repeat every 15 minutes to your friends that "Hermione rhymes with 'hiney' "

-12- Insist to your friends that you saw the actor who plays Professor Dumbldor on a TV infomercial for Viagra, talking about his "limp wand" problem.

-13- Tell your friends that Quiddich is not a real sport, like golf, NASCAR, horse racing, bowling and poker.

-14- Wonder out loud to your friends where Harry takes his invisibility cloak to be dry cleaned.

-15- Order the last Harry Potter book UPS ground and then when it finally DOES arrive, read only a few pages per day.