Tuesday, December 26, 2017


We celebrate everything because nothing is assured;
We keep hopelessness at bay;
We light candles and want to burn joy at both ends;
We put our faith in food and okay, in beer, wine and chocolate too;
We hope, get disappointed and get discouraged and still
We hope again;
We, whose most prized things are not really things at all,
We spread seeds;
We harvest love;
We can and often do argue with god;
We belong to each other, and make no bones about it;
We are tribe;
We find our way home in relationship;
We remember the path to the graves of lost family without a map;
We believe, then we doubt, then we believe again;
We feel more than we think and we think we feel more than we should;
We are Celts when protecting the bonds of family;
We hunt beauty, while we let love hunt us down and slay us because
We decided a long time ago that
We will gladly give ourselves up for this.


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