Tuesday, December 13, 2011

POEM: Defund This!

Defund my high lead content crystal privilege
Defund the way art & music programs must beg for scraps
Defund carbon every chance we get
Defund the name-calling & Tea Party effigies, the Hitler & Gucci knockoffs

Defund corrupt union bosses but also soulless corporate hands locked
around our throats.
Defund myths about our slave owning fathers & just what
Exactly Paul Revere said

Defund the quiet dismantling of town commons & the privatization of
Defund drone attacks

Defund bloodied brown children & keening mothers
Defund knot-headed dictators
Defund brutality in the name of the helium balloons of freedom or faith

Defund cardboard box homes
Defund machismo & marianismo –

Fund bread & hands & Arab springs, fund work & soulful eyes.


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