Thursday, September 08, 2011

POEM: The Sky Bleeds Mercilessly

over us these last
few days
the shredded, skies
the angry skies
drops to
its knees
right onto our
shorelines choke
blue-grey from
the grip the river
had on its throat
i see misery as well
swell like dance music
in the distance this
music of a new moon &
high tide
envelope the urging
of its storm surge
over the deserving &
the innocent
while slumped
trees implore
like Job - “ how long o
water sluices
through roots as
if shoots as if
from the spiral
barrel of a gun
as if it might
just as well
have been a bullet

trees grip
swampy earth
whose roots resemble 
bunched fists
clutched tight
as a junkie's

if with a brush
of its watery-hand
it can sweep away
that truck
like a child’s
toy what chance
do i have?

anchoring prayer


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