Sunday, September 04, 2011

POEM: Aztec Poems

Aztec Poems

I am soil
Flower is my heart
Held in cupped hands
I, a whisper
You, an ear.
Words are seeds taken to the wind
They plant themselves
In the walls of my heart

We are beaters of drums
We are makers of song
Daylight is just men and laughter.
Alive is the yellow and gold dust
That covers everything.

Only we know life
The song-makers
The root-pullers
Drum beaters of the deep.
Send out voices into rooms of the heart
And wait for an echo back.

For a short while I walk among the living
I break off heart pieces
The size of bees
And offer them as food as I go.
For a short time I am here
And cover you in honey
And eat flowers.

You have come for me
Shortened light angled
And in steep cold
Gold as pollen.
You discover my wanting.
Return, revoke, renounce
But never oh god rebuke.


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