Thursday, February 05, 2009

POEM: I Am From

I am from love, a boisterous light that shuns the shade of propriety.
I am from words, holy artifacts and from the swinging rhythm of speech.
I am from sacrifice which shines the dream bright gold.
I am from trust, the grit I toss on the ice to keep me upright in winter.
I am from solitude that polishes my soul.
I am from whispering pines and mountain wind prayer.
I am from early light that washes everything clean and new.
And I am from twilight which hushes me to sleep at night.
I hold all things of value internally;
I leave the bric-a-brac of outside things
Angled against the shed and house
And know they will not last,
That they never point the way
To the pith of me.


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