Monday, February 02, 2009

POEM: The Blessing of Homecoming

When your breath is frozen and sadness consumes you,
Stand motionless, like a hunter stalking prey.
When doubt is the only language you know, give in.

Accept that you will never know everything.
Accept that ignorance is just one more wanting among
All the others that puddle deep, deep within.

Do not judge the entirety of days by all the pacing that you do
In the grand room of every day moments –
Not everything is significant.

There are many doors through which guests may be greeted –
There are many windows to welcome the light.
Nothing needs to be shunted.

There is time to be unreasonable, time to change your mind.
You do not need to be anything at all
And you do not need to answer the telephone.

Dive below into the great green ocean that is you
For it is always the hidden things that kill us
In torturous time and in grueling ways.

No one ever makes sense of the instant of surrender.
It is not a way of living that I am talking about
But a split second of concrete uncertainty.

Like recognizing a loved one out of a crowd, it just comes to you
This recognition of the stranger you are to yourself -
It is a great blessing that has at last become your homecoming.


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