Sunday, April 01, 2007

POEM - Spider Silk

Women are like spider silk –
Which when gathered into the width of a pencil,
Can stop an airplane in its tracks!

You are like spider silk
To me – lenient but just as formidable,
With every kilogram of grace!

Let them try to cut you down
And you come back, renewed, fresh.
Little girl, mother, woman, friend –

Let me carry you. Embrace me whenever we dare.
My torn spirit is a spider web broken,
One that aches to wrap you up -

I am an angel of silk spun around your heart.
Helpless, here is the song I wrote for you:
“ I am medicine. Drink me up!”

That is my prayer, my heart, that is my prayer.
Go ahead and pray it with me.
God hears the love hiding in our voices.

Go ahead and let your body be cut down,
You are always like spider silk to me -
As endless as my love for you.

Give. Withstand. Endure. Live!
You are as tough as spider silk, it’s true.
But always always always beautiful too.


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