Friday, February 09, 2007

POEM - The Gravity of a Friend

I could be completely deaf
But still, I would hear the shrill
Whistle of the wind as it bores
Right through the hole I carve
Out of me for you.
More like a shelf, really.
One to hang your homelessness on to,
One to hang all that doubt
You carry about in bulging pockets.

If you were a cartoon,
I could never have even dreamed you
Up out of thin air!
I lack the imagination,
I lack the mastery of language
That is required:
Verbs would have insufficient muscle;
Modifiers would blanch in comparison
To what you are really like!

From other galaxies, we are just
Overlapping points of gravity, studded
Like nails driven into walls
That hold everything up, when all it
Wants to do is collapse.


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