Tuesday, December 26, 2006

POEM - The Ways of Broken Things

Do not be afraid of broken things.
Do not be alarmed over the loose parts
You find unexpectedly in your hands.

My dear, this is what makes up everything:
It is a flimsiness that wedges deep
Into the steely edges of the day.

Let’s completely fill up the holes, the ones
We are embarrassed to speak of with courage.
Let’s make them solid, press soft putty between

Fingers clinched; smoothing scarred surfaces.
There are gaps in the galaxies, my heart,
And if stars can bear such imperfection,

Who are we to deny such a kinship?
Do not be afraid of broken things,
Or the random pieces we find shorn off,

Strewn wildly about; held with panicked strength.
It is into this shared emptiness that
We pour out new and made up kind of love.

It is how we find each other when nothing else is true.
It is how we know that nothing else will do.


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