Monday, February 12, 2007

POEM - Flood

Yesterday, the icy waters from up north
melted and gave way.
Dams, unable to gird themselves,
split, and water ambled
Snake-like through the valley
seeking gravity's blessing
in a race to tranquility.

Yesterday, the waters of your tears from up north
melted and gave way,
dissolving a frozenness that has gripped me
for so long that I am unable to sew two words
together to even make one coherent thought.
These waters move with no grace at all,
That we are left so helpless by the hurt
that there is nothing left with
which we might defend ourselves.

Today, the morning arrives earlier.
The light is sharper and air cleaner.
Today, even the sad, naked trees
Want to dance.

M C Biegner


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