Sunday, April 15, 2007

POEM - East and West

NOTE: This poem is from a cycle of poems entitled: "The Canine Canticles" - poetry written from the perspective of a dog.

MC Biegner

When you leave to go to the West,
The sad eyes of the East will note your departure.
Westerly skies will lighten on learning of your arrival.
The pink, thin lips of skyline that cheer
The rising of a red round sun
Will moan 'goodbye' like it was the blues
And I will be jealous of the West for it has you!
The East will go mad, if only for the moment.

But when you return, a maelstrom of light will erupt
In the West. It will dance like distant brush fire.
The East will welcome you home again
Smothering you in food and kisses.
Flowers will burst from their bulbs
With a sharp crisp pop. Pungent life
Will find air; absence will be forgotten,
Left behind, never to be spoken of again.
Then the West will be jealous of me.


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