Saturday, November 06, 2004

POEM - For Pablo

If you were to ask me:
“What would you be, if you could be anything at all?”

Then I would say
That I would be
A Pablo Neruda poem:

One that is an over ripened
Crushed beneath my shoe
As I bend down to pick it,
Bleeding over everything,
Without remorse and unapologetic.
Sometimes exploding inside out,
At others, holding,
Holding back;
Until not one speck is left,
Drained, like a blanched seashell.

Running down, dripping
All that I know to be
The truest things about love:

Sloppy and silly,
Sometimes just stupid,
Green yet sad.
But so unrepentant.
And so un-terrified
How it presents itself,
How it unfolds like thunder,
Relentless as rain:

Surrenders everything
Without shame,
Without regard to fierceness.
It is every bit as life changing
As an orgasm.

I would say,
Is what I wish to be

M C Biegner


Blogger HJBlurb said...

I don't write (or read, for that matter) all that much poetry so I'm not sure what my comment will mean. However...
I really enjoy reading what you write. Especially, "Poem - For Pablo."

Keep it up.

Stay well.

3/06/2005 5:03 PM  

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