Saturday, November 06, 2004

POEM - What The Rain Teaches Me

Honor rarities all around;
Really, are we not one of these?
I ask the rain to sit me down
and teach me to coax life from ground;

That deep within me, where I crease
Are wounds that push me with doubt's feet.
Yet faith, as generous as "please",
Scrapes off the strife and leaves the ease;

The acrid dark to daylight sweet
As sharpened edge makes steel a knife;
Evokes in me a wish discreet
For love borderless and complete:

Despotic-- how it runs my life,
This dream, my kin, my hearth, my wife.

M.B. 2004


Blogger HJBlurb said...

So, after reading this poem, I'm thinking - maybe I should try my hand at poetry? What you write, express - it's beautiful. Really. Keep going with it.


3/06/2005 5:06 PM  

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