Saturday, October 30, 2004

POEM - A Confluence of Goodness

Let's strip away the colors
from the hills -
the indulgent gold;
the grounded brown;
and hunter's orange;

Let's use it
to dress ourselves up!

Let's dress up in the tones
of things that end.

We've picked up the juiciest of apples
and held it aloft over our heads
and over our hearts -

We've dared to take the largest bite,
unhinge our jaws like a snake,
and swallow it whole;

Look at how the shy mountains
undress for us,
revealing what is beneath!

Look at how our hands are held out
flat and upward and towards each other,
offering what it is we believe
that we are giving up!

And we are naked all the while
pouring this re-awakening
over each other like dawn light;
wrapped and held hostage
for a ransom of love
to what we are about to become.

MB 2004


Blogger HJBlurb said...

I just sent you an email, but this is the poem I was talking about.

Where did you learn how to write poetry? Actually, that's probably a stupid question in that it's something you

It's beautiful - I'm talking a look at the other pieces as well. Obviously, I loved the Sox piece. I told Chris to forward that sentiment to you.

We'll talk soon. Keep up the great work.


11/01/2004 1:18 PM  

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