Monday, January 14, 2013

POEM: Light Borrowers, Framed By Bits of Dark Matter

1. “Every woman adores a fascist” Plath wrote and mine is the darkness. I want to have an affair with it. The dark is a fascist love.
2. Horace Greasly held love like a bread loaf.  He escaped Germans camps in WWII more than 200 times but always snuck back in to see his German girlfriend. 
3. The hissing that I believe is my tea kettle is just a common sense escaping.
4. Love, love my season that I cannot be made ready. That melts over everything.
5. Come, my wounds. Glimmer like fresh skin. 
6. I show off my stigmata you gave me like a tattoo I dreamed of having removed once out of your sight.
7. Tulips are baskets that carry color. They lick their own petals, like a grooming cat, they raise their heads to catch the direction of the next rain, or the next frost as a bad dream, presaging the desiccating autumn.
8. Curl up now, curl up into your bulbous hideout, grieve fading embers, O gardener of clouds, take a gulping breath and keen long winter.  
9. Go imitate the lost wandering blue lust of sky.
10. Harold Whittles heard for the first time in his life, when an earpiece was placed into his left ear, He alone is credited for the discovery of sound.
11. Streams are tinted glass, made by all the weeping world. 
12. Splintered over streamstone, water is often disguised as birdsong. Birds imitate streams whenever they sing. 
13. I am terrible at small talk but my heart wants to carry you  in its back pocket    
14. Everything is a whetstone that sharpens colors, which is what tulips dream.
15. Tulips are packed with mud and bone meal far below a noisy surface where everything seems to matter.


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