Tuesday, October 09, 2012

POEM: Color

a moment cannot be memorized

a raindrop leaves desire on a window

which is the way we are built: to be

burned to the ground

then built up again

in the cathedral of my moods

stained glass leaves are

sparklers tossed to a floor

of dried pine needles

& bones of old sticks:

this bed for willowy creatures while the sun winks

A moment cannot be forgotten

In this light,

shadows are geckos

with sibilant tails

& alien hands.

a raindrop is a window

a tear is a window

I send stained glass

Sparklers down

Into soft humus

To feel the softness.

I dare the ultramarine of things.

I coax the ochre.

We leave the pigment

Of everything in our wake

For others to wade through.

There is no choice.


it can never be memorized


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