Friday, December 30, 2011

POEM: One Second

Is the time it takes for a cesium atom to bounce around a special container that a very specific few people measure for the very general masses.

It is as motion & wasted motion,

It is as the object of early time studies done during the twentieth century
Or as money, as goods and services produced in an expedient manner as possible, as efficiency, and as part of the GDP. It as of employment, as of a rate that is at 8.6 percent,. Can time be measured by the bouncing of the unemployment rate?

It is as wealth.
It is as families & taxes for schools & road repair. For snow removal in winter in the northern states.

It is as the impoverished social fabric, stretched taut & anguished

When we discovered the relationship between time & motion & then motion & money & then money & family & then family with community & then community with democracy & then democracy with equality & then equality with spirit & then spirit with a universe that never measures the vibrations of cesium atoms neither does it calculate leap days or leap minutes or even leap years.

Music too, is vibration.
Can time be measured by Mozart’s brain? Always composing in ever radioactive decay


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