Wednesday, June 22, 2011

PICTURES: Stacking Book Poetry

Riding The Dragon

If you want to write
Sadder than water
The dispossessed
The book that changed my life,
Unfortunately, it was paradise.


Pale horse, pale rider
The bluest eye
The stream & the Sapphire

Born To Kvetch

Sand in my bra,
The red thread,
The denial of death:
Love is a dog from hell,
War is a force that gives us meaning.
Smile at fear:
Death, be not proud.

Deep Community

The prosperous few and the restless many
The universe in a single atom,
The audacity of hope
Rising to common ground,
The life you can save.
Listening is an act of love.

Book of Longing

How much is enough?
Bird by bird
One small step can change your life.
Finding our fathers,
The namesake,
Going home.


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