Saturday, June 13, 2009

POEM: Suddenly, I Am The Wave

I am the pool of still blue love floating like cork on pond water,
I am the pond with borders so defined that I defend them to the death.
I pull away at regular intervals like the tide and I advance the same way.

Then morning will appear, revealing herself like a jewel.
The look of a friend or the music of her voice, convinces me
That we are not separate at all.
The fresh cool air of a smile,
The way my heart sounds to me, coursing through my own ears.
They are signs of a great brotherhood that sometimes escapes me.

Suddenly, I am the wave that rages like a sun flare
Traveling millions of miles through space,
A star reaches outward into the big bang of us –

Each cell in our bodies is expanding outward, too.
Each cell is a galaxy in its own universe.
In between each galaxy is where God resides,
Where He was before becoming incarnate –
Before becoming bone and spirit,
Before there was earth and air,
Before there was light and dark, good and evil –
Even before there was yes and no.


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