Saturday, May 02, 2009

POEM: Aren't There Just Times?

Aren’t there just times
When you want someone to know?
Times when you feel like a hole
Has been punctured in your skin
And you leak all over everything?

Aren’t there just times
When the loudest shout is not enough?
When you want to stop people on the street
To explain how the pieces of your life
Fit together
And how they don’t?
How what she said and what he said
Was wrong
And how ready you are for what
Will happen today or not?

Aren’t there just times?
When you are right but everything
And everyone around you
Could care less?
When you want to cry and can’t?
When you DO cry and can’t believe you
Are crying now – of all times –
In front of him? In front of her?
Before them all?

Aren’t there just times?
When your fingers won’t stop drumming?
When you can’t get awake,
Or won’t stay asleep no matter what
Remedy you self prescribe?

When the smallest of things takes hold of you
Like the dry season,
You believe anything could burn
With the careless act
Of one careless match
And a spark
And all the possibility that brush fires bring.


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