Thursday, February 07, 2008

POEM - Lenten Prayer

I shall give up being right for Lent –
I shall give up the comfort of being among the chosen few –
I shall deny consumerism three times before the cock crows –
I shall admit to myself that at the core of each of us is fear,
That we share it, that we deny it, but that we share it.
I shall take great comfort in being lost –
I shall dance to no destination,
To no timetable, to no schedule –
I shall be consoled knowing that everything
And everyone I need is wherever I am,
Whenever I arrive, if I ever arrive:
With or without luggage,
With my shirt on inside out,
With or without two forms of government issued picture ID,
With or without a husband or a wife or some significant other,
With or without children,
Without that Grammy,
Without that Pulitzer,
Without that Nobel prize.

So I shall give up being right for Lent
And set a place at my table for Doubt
To come and break bread with me,
For we are no strangers.

Subsistence takes the shape of a pinwheel
With a great, big, erroneous, loving, foolish
And empty heart, holding anchor at the center
Waiting for you to fill it up,
And slow the spinning just a bit.


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