Thursday, January 17, 2008

POEM - Absence

Your absence is this unopened gift!

It slants the day for me, knocks time and
Light sideways, angling it so obtuse.

My senses play tricks on me like an
Amputee missing his upalong limb.

Ghost-like- so much so that you are the
Phantom-heart that haunts my own chest, two

Sinus rhythms, the thumps, an echoe in
Tandem, cradled by my ribcage home.

My eyes fill in the empty space of you,
My ears hear what you would be saying

If you were here, speaking. Then like a
Medium, I would call back all the

Departed bits of you, piece by piece:
Have I not written on your body

That there is not one molecule of
You that I do not love?

Have I not memorized every mole
On your body, noting latitude and

Longitude by my fingers across
Your skin like a navigator’s divider?

There is not one fold of your skin that I
Have not spelunked , not one of your breaths

That I have not inspired as my own.
There is not one part of you that is not

Fully here, right now, before me, in
Spite of your glorious absence.

So much of you is revealed to me as
I miss you, all generously granted

By the plenitude of your absence.


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