Saturday, December 15, 2007

Changing the World

The world will not be changed by do-gooders.
The world will not be changed by meetings or agendas, by marches or letters.
It will not be changed by good, stable jobs, or by sending our children to good schools.
Nor will it be changed by empathic social movements to share wealth, or even good deeds alone.

The world will be changed when we change our vision of who we think we are, what our place is; when we learn what our true voice is.
Discovering our one true voice will change the world.
Discovering the divine within us will change the world.

But discovering our one true voice is a scary thing.
It means forgetting the stories we have told ourselves over and over about who we think we are,
what we think we like, what we think we are good at, what we think will be good for us and what we think will harm us.

It is seeing first hand that we have a worth that can not be measured by our friends, by our money, or by our fame or recognition.
It is not conditioned on “success”, or on promotions at work,
by good grades, or even by the praise of our parents, our teachers or our bosses.

Sometimes it is in that quiet, unnoticed moment when we just keep our head down and burrow through thoughts that we are not worthy of any sort of love at all.
It is in that mustard seed of faith that whispers to us that we are stakeholders in creation,
even when we believe otherwise.

Even when we just can’t see it.
Even when we think it is not possible to be loveable.

It is when we take that kindness that we so often dole out to others and turn it inward on ourselves that radical change begins.

Forgiveness is the answer to every question.

When this happens, justice flourishes. It is not an "act"; it is not a "schtick". It is not like a garment we put on at the start of day, and take off before we go to bed.
It is the fruit of a loving life.


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