Sunday, October 14, 2007

POEM - Hum

Hum the working class Bumble-bee.
Hum the rapid flapping of Chickadees.
Hum the thunder wings of Eagle and Haw.
Hum Tree Frog’s incessant nagging dark.
Hum the Fall that approaches like a stranger asking directions.
Hum the dance that all things do
And hum the spacious stillness too.
Hum the violent wave of clasping Leaf.
Hum the voice I hear when I listen to Who listens
When I do not speak.
Hum wordless adoration of morning’s placental breech and birth.
Hum Living, Life, Dying and Death.
Hum the long linger between everything said.
And hum, hum,
Hum the Breathing and the Breath.


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