Saturday, February 04, 2006

POEM - Lately

Lately everything abused by the snow shows through
Bare, like a wild dog's snarl - a threadbare carpet
As quiet as melting snow seeping through topsoil -
Resembling my dreams – (as if I could sleep!)
The sun rolls over, pulling the dark like
Some bedfellow tugging hard at a blanket,
Trying to make the nighttime bearable.

Lately I am at the mercy of the muted
Tones of a fair and gentle winter which
We seldom see - this robe of silence worn
Through; the urge that pushes the muddy earth
Up through shards and tatters of vagrant snow
Hands me a barrenness, front and center:

Lately, the absence cannot help but come through:
I am worn down to the tundra - now what do I do?
M C Biegner


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