Tuesday, January 24, 2006

POEM - The Sun, It Pulls Me Upwards

Toward an empty sky with strong hands, he pulls
Me up, whole and intact, through cheesecloth clouds
With gravitational seriousness
Right out of my chair! As I type these words!

Forces ask me to partake of this day -
Can you imagine? Here - of all places -
In this flat geography called Winter?
In this great inhalation named “Winter”?

Pulls me upwards - separating every
Single one of my vertebrae like some
Sort of new yoga pose: this star dhanu.
Then right from this seat, without having shaved

Or showered. Before I’ve eaten breakfast
I leave my seat once and for all to learn
All about the gravitas of Sunlight;
The seriousness of Light as it is thrown,

The dizziness that landing Light provides,
I become at once this great airborne fish
With flaring gills, engaged in solar flight,
Forward! I go forward to my return -

All the mysteries, now pulled out of me
By the call of light against the shadows.



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