Friday, September 16, 2005

POEM - Mirror

The image is a Seurat -
A pointillist reflection
Of countless carbon atoms
Claiming kinship with Time –

Long before Lucy was found,
Long before Neanderthals,
Long before bird like raptors
Even before the seismic
Orgasm of that meteor –

Prior to sullen concerns:
“Will this poem have merit?”
And “Where have I lain my keys?”
To when the great dust and vacuum
Were masters of everything.

This image ejaculates
Random, arduous color
The way a Jackson Pollack
Explodes unseen particles
Of paint onto the canvass –

Little IEDs hidden
Along the roadside of life,
Learning to make a life with
The insurgency of Art.

Pickup the innocent blue –
Pickup the violent red –
Pickup the pacifist green –

These jazzy, jagged, zig-zags
Are paths long ago embraced
And some unrequited paths
Of an unreflected life.

M C Biegner


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