Monday, September 05, 2005

POEM - Hittin’ Triple High “C”

I can see by your discomfort
That it’s time for me to go.
It’s time I should take my
Big Easy
And flagrant jazz
And make new sounds
From the ways of the old
Style of livin’.

It’s time that the music
For dancin’ be what that
Ol’ Wind blows through her horn
Hittin’ that triple high “C”
A note like sadness reaching’
Or tears
Drippin’ down
Like achin’ levees.

There are heroes everywhere –
Strewn through out the wreckage.

You can see the Big Muddy
Slap his soggy ol’ knees
Get up and cry:
“I had enough! Good Lord! I had enough”
For surely you have.
Instead, he just keeps rollin’
Like the song always said he would.

So I will leave-
And take the Big Easy along
Leavin’ a different sort
Of Mardi Gras to clean up from,
Waitin’ –
Tappin’ my foot and just waitin’
To hear you hit triple high “C” again.

M C Biegner


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