Monday, July 25, 2005

POEM - Mountain Sex

She lays back with deliberate sway
Like the most willful sort of dusk
Exhales humid breath the way night expels day -
And moves with the hips of a dark athletic musk –
She taps a carnal beat on wrinkled bark,
In dark skies of expectation and fertile dust.

This lady knows every climber's destination –
She knows the dribbling wantoness
Of every cicada's bleating encantation
A sonic texture of the mindless climb -
She beckons to the showy nudenesss
of wildflowers and husky pine;
She even knows the hollow tongue caress

Of the Monarch butterfly on the go
Fresh off his trip from Mexico.

This lady reclines with the same sureness of sex
That teenagers think of what sex is about -
With the compulsion of a highway wreck -
Arcing form and jagged boastful breasts
She beckons forcefully with tectonic clout -
With slender waist and leafy hair that rests
On face and neck, dressed only in evening cloud -

She calls outward toward a species insurrection,
“Climb on, climb on!" this barbaric cry incites this late day resur-erection.

M B. 2005


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