Thursday, March 24, 2005

POEM - Spring 2005

Spring bares her breasts in a careless and gradual way
Pulling back her snowy dressy top
With the shyest movement;
Hiking up her skirt of grass so green as to convey motion,
Just a few inches above those luscious knees,
Just enough to be awkward,
Just enough to make me do a double take in disbelief –

Playing this game of hide and seek
With sunlight’s strong and gentle fingers,
Lime green oozing everywhere
Slapping together a patch of earth that is my lust –

She is beautiful when she
Hides in the cesura of the season -
This one day in Spring –
In this dis-remembering of a winter that egged us on.

Just like the moment between breaths
Just like the stillness that happens between heartbeats –
Life infused with new hope
Of things not revealed.

Proving the existence of God
Confirming that I really don’t matter at all –
Basking in that joyful confirmation that I don’t matter at all!

M C Biegner


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