Friday, February 25, 2005

POEM: When


When twilight
When twilight stretches out like a yawn
Through clouds
The ones that separate heaven and earth

When twilight reaches down from sky,
Like the arm of Michael the Archangel –

Willing to
Willing to pull me up –
Willing to do battle

When Twilight kisses me –
When Twilight transfigures –
When Twilight tickles me –

I am
I am made
I am made weak

When I am
When I am made weak

I know
I know neither up nor down as up or down
But I know boundless possibilities.

When I know
When I know I am made weak

When I know I am made weak,
Then freedom’s grasp is what I seek,
When I know I am made weak,
Freedom lies spilled white like milk that’s leaked,
I know it puddles at the feet of the meek.

M C Biegner 2/23/2005


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