Sunday, June 30, 2013

POEM: The Objects That We Love

Your arm reminded me so much of lamb
That I nearly took a bite of it.

Your cheeks were so much like mashed potatoes
That I yearned to cry over them & salt them.

Your ear was a chocolate chip cookie
Begging to be dunked

And each lip, was a gummy bear.
Your neck was corn on the cob

As I plucked every yellow nib with a pink tongue.
Your eyes were butter in a toaster.

Your thick breath, maple syrup.
But when I say that I loved your lasagna

I am not being metaphorical
But that your layers entice me,

Whispering “undress me,
One curlicue noodle at a time!”

And when I dine out,
There is no cause for jealousy.

It is your sauce that I want poured over my pasta
Whenever I am hungry.

It is your bubbling red sauce, raw, stripping,
That shapes my meatball heart.




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