Sunday, March 20, 2011

POEM: Invite a Corporation Over For Tea

Invite a corporation over for tea
Ask him to borrow the car
Go out drinking with him.
Make a cake and surprise one
With a surprise party –
Have a barbecue and ask
Your favorite multinational
To bring the beer.
Or let him make the dip
And promise him steak & shrimp
Because you know its his favorite.

Marry off your corporation
To the best suitor you know.
Plan the wedding shower,
Let her pick out the most expensive
Dress and let her plan the seating chart.
Ask her to write the invitations
& wedding vows & hand out tissues when
Everyone begins to cry.
Dance with your corporation
While misty eyed others applaud.
Promise her always your heart & your hands.
Promise her music when she thinks there is none.

Put your favorite corporation
On the bus for his first day of school.
Wrap his finger with a Snoopy band-aid
When he gets his first cut.
Scoop up a lock of hair and tuck it
In an envelope when you take him
For his first hair cut,
Then label the envelop with his name,
The date and a big red heart.
Rush him to the hospital whenever he
Gets sick & wait nervously in the ER for
The doctors to come –
Make deals with God for him to live
& that he always be kind to others,
& will marry someday,
& will have lots of children to spoil.


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