Friday, October 29, 2010

POEM: Wake Up!

I want to shake you by your shoulders
And pour the thick mud of steroid coffee into you

I see your stretching arms and your yawning mouth
I see your slitty eyes, rub out the eye goop with a fat twisting fist!

In the ambient light of goldenrod trees
I want to rustle you from your lolling

Green pastures, your dewy wet dreams
From insomnolent harvest moonlight.

Get up and eat some steel cut oats
And multigrain toast with fresh preserves.

Put on your loudest rock’n’roll and Q-tip your ears
So not a decibel is lost over the silence of awakening.

And quit creeping into the broadest of daylight
It does not become you and is more than just a little creepy.


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