Friday, October 02, 2009

POEM: With You, Lying There

And now, with you lying there
Waiting. I think I should tell you how much
I want to stuff all your pockets
With every question backed up inside me -
Every question I ever wanted answers for:
About love and despair, about forgiveness
About living true lives and where music comes from –
But I also want to know why things suffer
And why things die in the first place.
I want you to carry these questions
I want you to carry my doubt so much, your
Pockets puffed out, stuffed to the brim
I want you to carry it all
Right to back to God and ask Him,
Ask Him true and unafraid -
Why things are the way they are,
And why after all this time there couldn’t be another way?

At the end,
I will stuff all my pockets too
With just how much I will miss you


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