Saturday, August 23, 2008

POEM: When I Wake (Part II)

When I am brother to all things
When I am sister to all things
When I am the sum of man and woman
Of flora and fauna
Of rock and water of land and ocean
When I am the dark dark matter
Aloft in the dream of space
In the dreams of my head
In the dreamy landscape of my bed space
Where I return to the place
Where everything hidden resides
Where the blackest parts of night go
Where the bruised glow of sunrise comes from
As it arises awash in dreams
When it awakes
The sun and I when we awake
When we dream from the same place
(And who knows what stars dream?)

But awake it too rises before the horizon
Tries to capture it border it
Keep it in and box it in
Before it too is sensible (for a star)
Brawny and bright awake and alert
Before it too is judgmental
While it is timid and seeks nothing
Asks nothing.

Awake we are the same
The sun and I looking for the salve of creation
For the divinity within us
To come through us into the world
Like a miracle
Like resurrection-
(That is what light is!)

Faith that pierces the hollering of doubt
Which brings the darkest parts of us to life
Through creation
In seven days or seventy –
It does not matter
With human ribs or dust
It does not matter
From spilled blood or not
It does not matter
Your myth is not my myth
It matters not to me.
Before I wake and judge everything around me
As worthy or not
Before my brain strikes these words
Dead in their tracks
Cold lifeless words
Mourned too young
Dead before they had seen their adolescence
Before I arise and wake
And this page is put back in prison
And Writers Block is the overbearing prison guard

Before all this happens
The white field of the page is mine!
Every verb is my musculature.
Every noun is what I move and touch and taste and see
Ever adjective is my heart thumping
It is all mine.
Where alone is not a four letter word
Where I rise and wake and eat and wash
Where I fuck and garden and cry and doubt

I wake and before I let the parts I show
To everyone else control my world
I greet the heart inside of me
That just wants to give birth
To everything!


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