Sunday, October 15, 2006

POEM - Leaf

The orphaned leaf set ablaze by the season
And God’s blinking eye, scratches at the asphalt
At the wind’s very beck and call. Torn leaf from limb,
Freely tumbling, separated by the Fall,
Left to stare upwards at a pin prick night sky,
Free-floating and wondering about the way
To unearth all those things it needed to say –
Like the sleepy maple syrup held trapped and
Untapped, locked deep within the trunks of trees
Kept away, guarded tight with such zealotry;
Wondering if forgiveness was the way
Despite the heaping mound of absence in its
Short life that keeps reunion off, held at bay.
Until the cruel winter snows cover it up,
Turning the leaf into atomic things:
What becomes nourishment for hungry trees.
Which, with Spring’s heartfelt grace, pushes out
Buds, round and like an infant’s fists, yearning to face
Fresh light, like an open hand greeting friends;
Wanting to be accepted once again.

M C Biegner


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