Saturday, October 02, 2004

POEM - Eight Beatitudes

Music of Marriage Posted by Hello

Man, Woman, Love, Three as One --
From moonrise to the setting sun
Face the world with Faith your Shield --
Transform our love, Godhead revealed

Build with lumber
harvested from Forgiveness,
It bends with grace beneath
the heavy load of mistakes.

Be water for each others thirst
And bread, for the hunger
That will try to become
The Uninvited Guest.

Gentleness exacts no more effort
Than its alternative --
Be Gentle.

When you do argue,
Argue naked.
You cannot stay angry
And even if you do,
At least the view is better.

Remember that your love is not
The final destination.
When more is given,
More is always expected.

Demand more than you think you deserve,
Give more than you think you have.

Honor silence with diligence,
For it is the midwife to peace.

Always welcome the stranger
In your lives
As you were once strangers
To each other;
Make a place for the stranger
in each other.


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